Message for Parents of class tenthThis article regarding the choice of stream after class tenth ,is for the parents of students who have appeared in class tenth exams., who are waiting for the results and want to take Commerce stream in future.

Every student and his parents start planning during class tenth or at the most when the exams. are over. A large number of such people decide the choice of Commerce stream on the basis of what they see ,they see children in neighborhood, relatives , family friends etc. pursuing Commerce . They may be at any stage, studying or doing small or money making jobs. There is a large number of Career Options in Commerce available out there.

There are some people who go for professional counseling regarding choice of stream, but the number of such people is small. The reasons being the lack of awareness on their part, non-availability of good counselors in that area, heavy fees charged by the counselors and many more.

Wherever the facilities of free professional career counseling is made available by anyone, people don’t put much trust, for the reasons they better know. Moreover, there is a general tendency among people to disregard the free services ,available in any area, medical, legal, education or whatever. Only a very little percentage of people rely on the free services.

This article is specially for those who belong to this category of people who consider the chances of being something good there in free services .It is of special significance to the children of middle class families having an average level of intelligence.

The views in this article are totally based on the active teaching career of about thirty years dealing with  a variety of problems coming from and faced by the senior school students studying Commerce in the classes 11th and 12th.

The purpose is to save the problems, mental pressures, time, effort and money that would be required to pursue Commerce immediately after class tenth.

Some students fail to pass class eleventh, there are some other who manage to pass class eleventh exams. but are not ready to put in efforts for class twelfth and try to switch over to Arts stream, depending on the possibility or formalities required by the concerned Board of Education. Still other change the stream after passing class twelfth.

If we understand, the huge amount of time, effort and money wasted this way can be saved.

First of all, decide what the child wants.

He has to start studying these subjects first.


Basic Subjects in Commerce

Give a serious thought to, if he is willing to study these basic subjects in Commerce as he will be starting with these subjects in class eleventh:


If you love working with numbers and calculations and have reasoning skills, go ahead. Accountancy requires the love for numbers and reasoning skills. If you are not willing to put pressure on your mind to think more, Accountancy is straight NO for you. You can read about the difficulty level of Accountancy subject for this purpose.

Business Studies:

If you take interest in what is happening around you in business, It will be fine. If you are ready to study the things thoroughly and analyze the topics, there will be no problem in choosing Commerce. Good command over the relevant language is of special importance here.


If you loved Economics part in class tenth also, there is no problem for you .It is a combination of theory part and numerical portion.

These subjects can be called by different names by different Boards of Education, but the main topics covered are almost the same.


Basic Requirements of a Commerce Student

The success of a Commerce student can be largely attributed to the presence of some special qualities. The main requirements a Commerce student should have are:

Love for numbers:

His basic love for working with numbers will surely be a strong point.

Patience and time management:

As the students need to work for longer time than they used to work in class tenth, they should have patience. Accountancy subject demands a lot of time and patience for sitting for long time for the practice of numerical questions.

Reasoning and Judgment:

There is mental effort required in different subjects. If a child thinks that he would pass by studying for last one month before exams. and get good marks, he is wrong . He has to study thoroughly all the subjects ,understanding and analyzing everything to do so.

Difficulty level of Accountancy subject:

The biggest fear can be scoring high marks in Accountancy . But just imagine, students score as high as 100%  in this subject also. Accountancy subject is new for tenth pass students. They should remove common myths about Accountancy.

If you carefully think about these points, I hope you would find it easier now to plan for choosing the COMMERCE STREAM without the chances of feeling bad anytime.

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