Due to growing popularity of Commerce stream, it becomes important to know the basic subjects in Commerce i.e. subjects generally studied in various Commerce based courses.

All over the world, these subjects are taught by different names. Basic subjects are mentioned here, of which various topics are further studied and developed as separate subjects or branches of study at higher levels.


Accountancy is related to keeping financial records of an entity usually a business enterprise for the purpose of checking the net result of working of that entity in terms of profit or loss and further to see the financial position of that entity after a particular time period.

Everyone wants to know whether the activities performed over a particular period have been fruitful or not. How much is due from others and how much is due to others. Entity for this purpose means any unit/group having independent existence and performing activities, like a business firm, a company, a school, a single owner business, etc. in a layman language.

Business Studies

Business Studies is concerned with the study of different forms of business activities like: manufacturing, banking, transportation, insurance, storage, warehousing, advertising etc. that have a bearing on business in any manner.

It may be noted here that basic importance of all these activities are studied at the beginner’s level but develop as independent subjects and courses after that at higher levels. Management  becomes a major area of study by commerce students, may be financial management, marketing management, human  resource management etc.


Economics is concerned with the study of the behavior of an individual/group/economy so far as consumption, investment and income are concerned. It is concerned with the efforts taken to get the maximum financial satisfaction. Any activities that help to increase the financial status of all these will fall under Economics.

These are the main subjects to be studied by a fresher in Commerce. Later these subjects become detailed with their branches like:financial accounting,cost accounting,management accounting,partnership accounts,company accounts,corporate law,law relating to sale of goods,factory disputes,minimum wages payable to employees,micro economics, macro economics,statistics,management,marketing management,personnel management,financial management etc.

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