Q. How is consumer the king of the market?

Q. Give the meaning of: caveat emptor, caveat venditor.

Q. Explain the major problems faced by consumers in India.

Q. Explain the need of consumer protection in India.

Q. What type of legal protection is available to consumers in India?

Q. What legal machinery is available to the consumers under CPA 1986?

Q. What is the scope of CPA 1986?

Q. What are the rights available to the consumer under CPA 1986?

Q. What are the responsibilities of consumers under CPA 1986?

Q. Significance of different marks and symbols for consumer products.

Q. Who is consumer under CPA 1986?

Q. Who can file a complaint under CPA 1986?

Q. What are the means of consumer protection in India?

Q. What three tier machinery is available for consumer protection under CPA 1986?

Q. What reliefs are available under CPA 1986?

Q. What is the time period of filing an application or appeal under CPA1986?

Q. What is an NGO?

Q. Write the role of NGOs working for the protection of consumers in India.

Q. Can a consumer file complaint in consumer court without having cash memo?

Q. Can a consumer appeal against the judgment of National Commission? If yes, than where?

Q. Raman wants to buy ghee. How can he check the quality of product?

Q. Anita wants to buy an  electric iron. As an aware customer how can she be sure about the quality of iron?

Q. Identify the relevant rights of a consumer being violated in the following instances.

(a)A bottle of acid sold but the cap was not properly sealed.

(b)Medicine sold without date of expiring printed on its packaging.

Q. Shagun filed a case against ‘Volvo Ltd.’ in the ‘State Commission’. But she was not satisfied with the orders of the ‘State Commission’. Name the authority to which she can appeal against the decisions of ‘State Commission’.

Q. Sunita wants to buy a packet of juice. As an aware customer how can she be sure about the quality of juice she plans to buy?

Q. Indian Airlines delayed the flight to Guwahati from New Delhi by 8 hrs. Can the

passengers file a case in the consumer court? If yes, which court?

Q. A lawyer accepted the fee  Rs. 50,000 for fighting a law suit but did not appear in the court for the client. Can the client file a case against the lawyer?

Q. A milkman adulterates the milk with water and supplies to a sweets shop to be used in preparing sweets.

  • What values are involved in this case?
  • Who can file a case in this case?
  • Against whom the case can be filed?
  • Which right has been violated in this case?

Q. Angad bought a packet of bread. He was in hurry, he forgot to look at basic information about the product. The bread was expired and he fell ill after eating that bread.

  • Who is responsible for the his illness?
  • Which value is missing in the above para?
  • Can Angad file a case against the seller?

Q. A company manufactures and sells substandard washing machines. As these washing machines did not confirm to the safety norms   and a mark assuring quality specification was missing, cases were noticed where these substandard washing machines had caused serious problems to many consumers. You are required to suggest any two precautions to be taken by the consumer while purchasing such appliances.

Q. The owner of a restaurant is charging Rs.50 for a bottle of juice from a customer whereas the maximum retail price of the bottle of juice is Rs.38. One of the consumers has objected to this but the owner continues to do this malpractice. What do you think about this case?

Q. Suman purchased some grocery items from a general store. After reaching home she found a face cream in her bag which was not billed for. She checked the date of expiry and other details and after satisfying herself she started using it. Immediately she developed some skin allergy.

  • Has Suman fulfilled her responsibilities as an aware consumer?
  • Will Suman be able to file a case against the seller?

Q. The marketers should offer a wide variety of products in terms of quality, brand, price, size etc. A student was in need of a geometry box. She went to the nearest shop and the shopkeeper showed her a variety of geometry boxes at different prices. She selected a box and paid Rs.200, the maximum retail price of the box, and took the cash memo for the same.

  • Name the consumer right exercised by that student.
  • Name the values which are emphasized in the above case.

Q. Ranjana purchased an ISI Mark electric roti maker. While using the roti maker she found that it was not working properly. She approached the seller and complained for the same. The seller satisfies her by saying that he will ask the manufacturer to replace the roti maker.

  • Name the consumer right Ranjana exercised in the above situation.Explain this right.
  • Which consumer right gives the business firm freedom to set up their own consumer service and grievance cell?

Q. Amarjeet, a vegetarian was traveling in Shatabdi Express was served food and later he found out that it had a non-vegetarian content. His sentiments were hurt.

  • Will he be able to claim compensation.
  • Which right of the consumer is violated?

Write the values followed or ignored in the following cases:

Q. A company engaged in selling spices, claims about purity in its advertisement but in laboratories after examination, the spices were found adulterated.

Q. A Pharmacy Co. doesn’t provide information regarding the expiry date on the packet of its drugs.

Q. A manufacturer of food products uses bad quality material for packing the product resulting in spoiling goods on reaching the consumers.

Q. A toy manufacturing co. uses low quality plastics and harmful colors which affects the health of the children.

Q. Ram Mohan purchased a press for Rs.1000. On using it he found it defective. When Ram Mohan tried to complain, the seller did not respond to the complaint.

Q. A patient didn’t read clearly the instructions on the package of the drug. On using it his health deteriorated further instead of improvement.

Q. A newly started skin cream manufacturing company received an urgent order of 50,000 units. Due to shortage of time, they tested their cream on animal’s skin only and forgot to mention necessary information about the product on the package.

Q. Murli is a sweet maker (Halwai), who collects milk from different villages and prepares sweets on Deepawali. Due to increased demand, he purchased khoya from other shopkeepers which was adulterated. For meeting the demand quickly, he has not maintained cleanliness while preparing sweets. He engaged children for packing the sweets and a female at cash counter.

Some more cases decided by Supreme Court

Some more cases decided by ICRPC