Students should use diagrams in Business Studies exam. to make the answers powerful.

All the students want to score more in exams., but not all the students know or they don’t care for the techniques to answer the examination questions in a proper way.

Examiner checking the papers has less time for paper checking than it appears he has. So, It becomes the duty of the student only as to How the examiner should be impressed by his answers.


Points to keep in mind while answering exam.:

As discussed earlier in a separate topic How to write in Business Studies exam., students  have to write their answers keeping in mind the following:

  1. Write in points where ever possible.
  2. Give suitable headings to your paragraphs.
  3. Underline the main points where writing separate headings is not possible.
  4. Use a little different colour ink to show/underline the headings or main points. Using totally different colour is not advisable/may not be allowed in exams.
  5. Strike over the word only once, that has been written incorrectly.
  6. Don’t mix point and sub-points. These should be clearly differentiated by numbering separately.

Above all diagrams should be used to make the answers powerful enough to attract the attention of the paper checker.


Diagrams Can be classified into two categories:

  1. Necessary diagrams
  2. Desirable diagrams

Necessary diagrams include the diagrams as the foundation of your answer like: in case of Pyramid structure depicting the levels of Management, Functional Structure and Divisional Structure of organization.

Necessary diagrams are given in the course books and may be used in exam. as it is.

Desirable diagrams include those that are not part of answers but make the answers clear and impressive. They attract attention of the checker. Students develop such diagrams on their own.

Some of such diagrams are given to give students an idea. They may develop their own depending on the topic.


Precautions to be taken while making use of diagrams:

  1. Diagrams should preferably be drawn with pencil.
  2. Diagrams should be neat and clear.
  3. Title of diagram must be written on the top/bottom.
  4. Diagram must be labeled properly.
  5. Too much stress should not be given on drawing as It is not the drawing that will be evaluated, but the content it is depicting or displaying.
  6. Do all this keeping in mind the time constraint.


Some tips for making diagrams:

Process Diagram must include various rectangular boxes joined by arrows pointing towards next box. In the boxes, you should write the steps in that process.

Planning Process

Circular process may be given the shape of a circle and joining the last step with the first one with the help of an arrow.

Circular Process

Features can be presented in the form of clouds/petals of a flower, with  headings of the features written in those clouds/petals.

Features of Planning

Flower Petals

Dimensions of Business Environmnet

Small cartoons can be made for depicting superior/boss/manager/leader, subordinate/workers, customer, seller, producer etc.


Dialogue symbols can also be used for some orders/instructions/offers etc.

Boss giving order to subordinate

Mnemonics can be written in a box and full form depicting advantages or disadvantages may be written in adjoining boxes or ovals.

In difference type questions , difference should be written in columns, middle line drawn by pencil and headings on top written in clouds.

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