work‘Dignity of work’ and’ Self-help ‘ go together. Self-help means doing your work which you would otherwise request or pay for, others to do it. It has been rightly said that, “Self-help is the best help”. Every man is a store house of energy . One can almost achieve each and everything by practicing self help. For those who believe in God, It has been said,” God helps those who help themselves”.

Self-help is the root of all success in this world. We could never imagine the great inventions and discoveries in the absence of work done by a man on his own. If a person believes in the philosophy of self-help he need not depend upon others for doing his work. Only then he will find dignity in doing the work. All success of mankind require work.

People believing in the thought of Self-help become self-reliant, then they work hard. When they work hard ,they obtain strong will-power and strong determination as they find pleasure in doing that work. It is said that determination is the quality that guarantees  all others.

They develop faith in themselves. They acquire courage and strength of mind. They become ready to face difficulties in life. That is the ultimate and peace gained in doing the work on your own.

They can save their financial resources in many cases by doing their work.

On the other hand the shirkers lose self-confidence. Dependence on others invalidate their potentialities . Dependence on others weakens their self confidence. They cannot face difficulties boldly. They often depend upon others for help. Their situation becomes pitiable who are looking forward to others for their help. They cannot develop courage, determination and other qualities. They have no self-respect thus lose respect by others also.

The choice between the two alternatives: Doing the work and living  with dignity or living a pitiable situation, is obvious.