It is true that Teaching is Still a Noble Job  though different people have different views.

‘Child is the father of man”, as said by William Wordsworth in one of his poem – THE RAINBOW.

It means that all our positive and negative traits are established when we are young. Indeed, children demonstrate certain characteristics in their childhood which remain with them forever. So, it is necessary to groom children to adopt healthy attitudes and positive traits to help them grow up to be balanced individuals. Then, It becomes necessary that the parents and teachers who are directly involved in this process are balanced individuals too.

As expected from teachers to play the key role in making the child a good child, teachers also need a respectable position in the society. Unfortunately, teachers have lost that ‘status’. A teacher is not considered a person of good repute.  No one in general wants to become a teacher by choice. There are some, who go for becoming teacher not by choice but for getting a job only, leaving aside the private academies or coaching centres.

Much is expected from a teacher. A teacher is considered a shirker, who doesn’t want to perform his duties honestly. He/she is perceived as a person who does not care for children, who handles all the matters relating to children carelessly. It is considered that they do not want to do their work; they don’t care for the emotions of the child. Only award winning teachers are given a momentary respect that too only by some. Even in that case people are found mentioning the foul play better known to them only.

Let me request all the concerned that all the teachers are not shirkers. There can be some exceptions, they may be handled and tagged that way. Most of the teachers perform their duties honestly. They want to do their work with grace. They have emotions, they love children, and they also need respect and confidence to perform better.

They can make the children with balanced personalities only if they are balanced. Only when they are not seen with suspicious eye. I can recall a pleasant memory of my teacher who called me to her place to solve my Mathematics’ problems as she had to go out of station the next day. I happily went to her place to get it done without any payment and just out of love and affection. Even today, such teachers can be found who can help their students without any financial benefit in return.

Please! spare time for your children.

It is my humble request to the parents , that children need company of their parents also. Doing efforts for the well being of the children is the joint, moral and legal responsibility of both, parents as well as teachers. When a child becomes successful in life, their teachers are the first after parents, to show the signs of happiness.

Meet a few teachers who say, “Teaching is my passion“.