ConcentrationTo develop concentration in studies, is need of the time. Whether it is a mental task or manual task he is performing, a person needs to concentrate. It is of special importance to a student as his success has the direct relationship with his capacity to concentrate while studying, listening, reading, and writing, etc.

First of all he must be attentive to the teacher teaching in the class. He must focus all his attention to what is being taught by the teacher. Though there are a number of factors affecting the process of listening in the class, he should put in his best in this process. To aid this process he must take notes of what the teacher teaches in the class. Then he should revise the same topics with the help of those notes and the books in hand and correlate them all, to help in the process of learning the things. Class participation is very important in this regard.

Then at home he must take the following steps to concentrate while preparing for any topic.

Firstly, he should choose the right place to sit, where he is not likely to be disturbed by others in the routine course of the things.

Secondly, choice of a comfortable seat, a bench, may be chair, a hard bed or a mattress, whatever is comfortable for sitting.

Before sitting to study one should collect all the material needed while studying, like book, a notebook, pen, pencil, marker etc. He must also keep a dictionary to check the meaning of difficult words to speed up the understanding the things. Some students would also like to keep a hard board to write the things.

To be more realistic, when sitting for longer duration, he should keep a water bottle and some light snacks also, so that time is not wasted to get up and go for the refreshment in case of hunger or thirst. Cell phone must be put at a distant place after switching it off or putting it in silent mode.

Before sitting for a session ,It must be decided what is to be done, as to  which topic is to be read, how many pages to be read, or how many questions are to be solved. Goals must be set in simple terms. Goal setting becomes a major factor for motivation, once these goals are achieved.

Study should be active and participative. Simple reading the material is not enough. Points must be underlined and correlated to understand the topic in correct sense.  Questions and answers must be framed for deeper understanding of the topic.

Set the time separately for studies. It should be kept in mind that in this time studies should be the first priority.

Above all, during this time of studies, all focus should be on studies and topic in hand leaving behind any other thought.

It has been observed that some students use light music or songs while doing numerical type questions, but it should not be used by everyone without thinking whether it works or not.

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