Procrastination means putting off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness. In simple words it means to keep on postponing to do something or delaying something when this work ought to be done right now.

“Procrastination is considered to be a negative habit of a person .By keeping on postponing the things a person almost doubles his tension, once while thinking about the pending work and the time when he actually does that work. It is harmful as it stops that person from fulfilling his potential and can disrupt his career.

This habit stands in the way of completion of assigned tasks in time and thus hinders the progress of a person. The person with the habit of procrastination is not considered trust worthy as far as work is concerned. This bad habit results in causing stress over work also as this person always lag behind his schedules and is likely to lose self confidence. So an active effort should be made to improve upon this habit.

The biggest reason of putting off the idea to start the work is that we don’t slow down to start. If we give a little thought to start the job to be done, we can do it.

Sometimes the reason is that we keep on waiting for preparing our own mood, that we should do immediately and make up our mind understand that what ought to be done must be done without any delay.

Sometimes, we are not ready with the preparations for doing the work, so necessary preparations must be done to start and complete the work in time.

Then, as the most effective effort, just weigh the consequences of unfinished or delayed work and the benefits and satisfaction of completing the job in time. Sometimes delay can cause huge losses, loss of important opportunities and ruin the relations be at work or at home.

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