Being bold does not mean doing the things against the expectations of others, but it means doing what you think is right to be done. A person should be bold enough to follow his own choices provided he is not doing anything harmful for others.

He should be strong enough that no one can manipulate him for any misdeed. He should be courageous enough to face the consequences of whatever he does. He should be ready to face the situations arising in his life. He needs the courage to favour the truth, the righteousness.

For this, communication skills are of great importance. If a person is not able to say something he feels strongly about, he is never in a position to do justice. Such a person does not have stand on his own, he acts like a parasite. He is not considered trustworthy by any one. Everyone tries to exploit him and misuse his position. He is never able to take his own decision.

Even if he takes his own decision, he is always doubtful of the results and keeps on putting off action accordingly. The result is loss of confidence. Loss of confidence itself is the base of many other negative elements of one’s personality. Sometimes, many important opportunities are lost as one is not bold enough to take the right step at the right time. Many students are so weak in this regard that they are not courageous enough to ask questions or problems in the class.

So, there is need to cultivate courage and boldness in speech and actions. There can be courageous actions only if the courage is cultivated in mind. Once the action is justified as per circumstances and done after careful thinking one should leave the results to chance and be prepared for the results.

The biggest requirement in this case is communication skills. One should have the courage to speak what needs to be said and what must be said at the right time in the right tone, in the right context. Now the need is to choose the right words to say so. It has been rightly said by someone, that courage is deemed to be the first quality that guarantees all others.

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