Sense of humour is a tendency to make amusement of petty matters or to find the causes of amusement in something like way of doing the things, talking, etc. It has been rightly said by someone that sense of humour is the best article of dress one can wear in society.

The humour can be used to make the environment light, cheerful and healthy. It can be used to sort out the matters easily. Much stuff that can be turned unhealthy can be avoided while dealing with others only by using a small dose of humour.

No person wants frowning face but a smiling face. You can easily be friends with strangers. You can improve the relations with others. Here are some tips for cultivating the sense of humour:

Always laugh with others, whenever you get a chance to do so.

Try to create a funny interpretation of a sentence if there is a chance of unhealthy issues. But don’t ever try it in case of serious problems involving an illness or death or any other serious matter.

If something can turn out to be embarrassing, try to turn it into a funny incident.

Always involve yourself in this fun.

Always take the criticism in an amusing way. Then think it after that moment. If it is really an important issue, try to understand and improve you self or learn from this criticism. Otherwise consider that you have not lost anything and laugh it off.

Always focus the fun at yourself. Don’t ever try to misuse this humour for getting undue benefits or privileges.

Your humour should not make other persons your target and after that making you their target so that you repent on using this soft tool of personality development.

Here is a word of caution. Don’t ever try your humour in times of pain or sorrow to others.

Try to laugh with others and not at others.


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