steps to successEvery person wants to achieve something in life, may be tangible and specific or intangible, improperly defined and vague. That something is goal of life. That becomes the ambition of life.The problem with most of the people is that they put in their best efforts but these efforts bear no fruit.

The goal can be achieved only if some conscious efforts are made to achieve it. When a person makes the efforts and that goal is achieved, this achievement becomes the foundation stone for the next higher goals. But setting of goals is the most important aspect of goal achievement.

Goal setting is important as…. It helps to motivate to make further efforts, creates confidence and staying focused. Before starting to make efforts for the achievement of goals, some planning is required. The goals should be SMART i.e. specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound. These goals can be set in any sphere of your life: financial, career, education or any other.

Setting of goals is wasteful process, if not put into writing. Written goals make the commitment possible, helps in focusing your attention and motivate you to achieve. Goals should be broken into sub goals and periodic assessment must be made. So far, as a student is concerned with the studies, educational goals can be set up and worked towards.

These goals can be getting admission into a particular college/course, then to get a particular percentage of marks in 12thclass examinations, to complete syllabus of a particular subject within a particular month/week, to complete a particular book/ chapter/topic etc. in a particular week/day/hour etc. The most important aspect is to make a mental picture of feelings and expression after such goals are achieved. That mental picture should be sometimes refreshed in mind for the best efforts and that these efforts do not go waste.

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