Live at presentLife is worth living so live it, love it, the way you want .Everyone has his own philosophy of life, the way he wants to live it, the goals he wants to achieve in life, the manner he wants to achieve the goals, but one thing is sure that an average man wants to live life in a peaceful, happily and in an easy way.

Everyone has his own set of circumstances, resources at hand, his own likes and dislikes, value system etc. He has to use that only for his ends. Here are some time tested findings from my own experiences of life and some lessons learnt from others that can be used by anyone for doing so:

First of all ‘live at present’. Sometimes we are so occupied in past and future thoughts that we just forget to act in the present, what actions we should take at this point of time. Past is gone forever, that cannot be undone. If it was good, thank God you enjoyed it, if it was bad; even then thank God it is over. If its effect is present till this day, act at present.

Imagination and visualization is good but only for your motivation and to take actions. It should not be strong enough to make you blind of the realities of life. Don’t worry about the future. Nature has the mysterious ways of saving you and helping you, you can never imagine the ways of doing so.

Cultivate faith in the supreme power, whatever name you may give it. Optimism, faith, prayer are unimaginable and mysterious powers not to be questioned but giving great results, the only requirement is the faith coupled with necessary action. Nothing can be achieved without action.

Do your own work. Whatever you can do, don’t ask favours for that work. Always believe in the ‘Dignity of work’.

Try to be yourself. Don’t imitate others. You are you. So, try to be ‘you’ only. Maintain your uniqueness.

Fix an imaginary mental balance and try to maintain it. Whenever you are so high that you feel like flying, come down to realities. When you are low, raise yourself up to that balance by visualization and positive thinking.

Try to add value to everything, may be persons, things, time………..

Always specify, write and work for your goals so that they turn into reality.

Don’t take criticism negatively. Just pause and maintain calm. Think about it; if it is worth consideration give it a serious thought. Try to improve yourself if it is required otherwise ignore it considering it a fun by the critic to please himself.

Don’t take decisions in haste or when you are mentally upset. Those decisions are rarely effective.

Whenever you fail in doing something or put a double dose of action next time with strong determination and be persistent in your efforts till it is finally done.

Cultivating a habit definitely is facilitated by following ‘Twenty one days’ formula. Just determine yourself to do a task for twenty one days in the beginning.

Cultivate love for nature. It is the best source of joy, peace, contentment and learning life lessons.

Above all ,make all the best efforts and leave the rest to God.

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