ObservationSee, look, watch and observe appear to mean same to a layman.

To see means your eyes giving a message to the brain that something exists though you didn’t make an effort in this. To look means seeing by choice.

To watch means giving more attention to the article we see. But the most important out of all these is the Observation.

Observation means an examination of something. Observation is more than to ‘see’, ‘look’ or ‘watch’. It is looking something with the idea of understanding and registering in mind all the details.

Observation can be a good time pass and a hobby .At the same time it helps one to gain extra knowledge and aids in developing super memory useful in day to day life. It can save time, improve working and increase knowledge. It can help in improving the human relations as a person can learn the behavior of others and can make improvements in his own behavior accordingly.

A person can learn various other skills only with the help of observation.

Observation is not the skill to be learnt from others but by practice. Anything can be taken as a starting point, like, household things, people, nature etc. Then after some time effort should be made to recall the exact details of that what was observed. Repeated observation goes a long way to improve the memory.

This art of observation is of special importance for a student as he can use this to memorize his lessons and thus can increase his score in exams.

The simplest way to observe is to make an eye contact with whatever is being observed may be things, nature or persons. Then associations and correlations should be used to make it long lasting. The only precaution while observing is to control the distracting thoughts except in case of persons’ observations.