Q. What is management?

Q. Define management as a group.

Q Define management as a process.

Q. Define management as an activity.

Q. What is effectiveness with respect to management?

Q. What is efficiency?

Q. What is the difference between efficiency and effectiveness?

Q. Out of efficiency and effectiveness, which is more important and Why?

Q. What are the features of management?

Q. How is management a continuous process?

Q. What do you mean by objectives?

Q. What are the types of management objectives?

Q. Write any three personal objectives of management?

Q. What is the importance of management?

Q. How is management an art?

Q. How is management science?

Q. How is management profession?

Q. Is management a pure science? Explain.

Q. What are the different levels of management?

Q. Write the functions of different levels of management.

Q. What gives rise to the levels of management?

Q. What are the designations at different levels of management?

Q. What is relationship of different functions of management?

Q. What is coordination?

Q. Explain the features of management.

Q. Explain Coordination as the essence of management.

Q. What is the difference between coordination and co-operation?

Q. How is management a universal activity?

Q. Which force is considered as the essence of management?

Q. Which term is associated with ‘Doing the task with minimum cost” ?

Q. In order to be successful , an organization must change its goals according to the needs of the environment. Which characteristics of management are highlighted in this statement.

Q. To meet the objectives of the firm the Management of ABC Ltd. offers employment to physically challenged persons. Identify the objective it is trying to achieve.

Q. Which function of management bridges the gap between ‘where we are and where we want to go.’

Q. Managerial activities are performed in all types of organizations in all departments at all levels. Which management characteristic is highlighted here?

Q. Name the function of management which establishes authority and responsibility relations?

Q. In which function of management standards are compared with actual performance?

Q. ‘Anything minus management means nothing,’ explain.

Q. Departmental manages are included at which level of management?

Q. Name the level of management for the following :

  • Chief manager.
  • Personnel manager.
  • Foreman

Q. ‘Survival, profit and growth’, are which objectives of management?

Q. Every organization whether it is business or non-business should use environmental methods of production, give employment opportunities and provide basic amenities like schools to employees’ name the objective of management indicated here?

Q. ‘The activities involved in managing an enterprise are common to all organizations whether social or political’ which characteristics of management is highlighted by this statement?

Q. What is PODSCORB?

Q. Your grandfather has retired where he is responsible for implementing the plans developed by the top management at which level of management was he working?

Q. Your grandfather has retired as a Director of manufacturing company. At which level of management was he working?

Q. Mohit’s father acts as Vice President in ABC Ltd. Name the level of management he is working? Explain any two functions performed by him?

Q. ‘Co-ordination’ is the essence of Management’ Explain.

Q “Mgt is Science as well as act”. Explain this statement.

Q    Mr. Mohit, manager of a Company has been given a target of producing 5,000 tables with 100 labourers at a cost of ` 500 each. However, he achieved the target by employing 150 labourers and produced the 5,000 tables at a cost of ` 550. What can you about effectiveness and efficiency?

Q    Management is a Profession like Accounting, Medicine and Law as it also has a well defined body of knowledge. Yet management does not qualify to be a full fledged profession. Why?

Q    Management of ABC Ltd. fulfils all its objectives and the organization is able to work effectively and efficiently. It is disposing off the waste material either by recycling it or using the same for landfill in such a manner that the aquatic life is not disturbed. It also provides employment opportunities to the women and disabled persons.

  • Identify the objective of management of ABC Ltd. being fulfilled by doing the above activities.
  • State any two other objectives that this company should fulfill.
  • Identify any two values being depicted by this company.

Q    Golden Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing electrical appliances. The company has been facing lot of problems for the last few months because of chaos between two departments i.e. Production department and sales department. Sales department blames production department for  delayed production. However, production department blames sales Department for poor sales. Identify the problem and discuss in detail its features.

Q    Akshat, General Manager in PQR Ltd., uses his knowledge of management in a unique and different manner and all the employees working under his guidance are happy and satisfied. He rewards the employees who come to office on time.

  • Identify the nature of management highlighted above.
  • State two other ways in which nature of management can be explained.
  • Identify the value that Akshat wants to inculcate in his employees.

Q    Raghav Ltd., a leading manufacturer of iron and steel decided to open up a new branch in remote area in Rajasthan and the unemployed youth from the rural areas could get same opportunities as those available in the urban areas. This initiative has raised the standard of living of people in rural areas.

  • Identify the objectivee of management highlighted in the above mentioned case.
  • Give any two advantages of following the above objective.
  • Which values can be emphasized by following the above objective?

Q    In order to achieve target production of 6000 units per month, a Production Manager has to operate on double shifts. Due to power failure most of the time, the manager is able to achieve 4000 units, but at a higher production cost.

  • In your point of view, what is lacking in management?
  • Identify the values emphasised by management in the above mentioned case.

Q    Management of Sangam Garments who is manufacturing t-shirts seeks to achieve different objectives like organizational, social and personal objectives. Under personal objectives, the management ensures maximum prosperity for employees by providing competitive salary, personal growth and development, peer recognition and societal recognition, good working conditions.

  • How will the above steps taken by the management benefit the individuals/employees ?
  • How will it help the firm in achieving the organizational goals ?

Write the values( positive or negative) involved the following cases.

Q      A Cloth manufacturer distributes its defective product free of cost after getting them repaired from Nari  Niketan at lower cost to orphanage.

Q      An organization has production, purchase, marketing, finance and human resource departments. All of them working together to achieve organizational goals.

Q      A manufacturer of fridge has used new technology in place of using harmful gases, which do not cause air pollution.

Q      In a nursing home ,the employees have been directed to put/throw different types of wastes like papers, plastics & chemicals in the respective earmarked dustbins.

Q      An industrial unit, working in a backward area opens schools for education at nominal cost for the children of its employees and local people.

Q      A factory established in a residential locality, uses machines creating heavy noise while running.  Due to noise pollution student can’t study properly and residence can’t sleep/work properly. Patients in the nearby area also feel disturbed.

Q      A famous doctor charges high fees for consultation from all his patients and refuses to treat otherwise. He also takes gifts and commission from the medical representatives and agents of Pharma co.

Q      XYZ Ltd. a newly started company providing jobs to physically challenged people.

Q      A garment manufacturing firm gives a target of stitching 600 jackets in a month. In order to achieve this target, a worker wastes some inputs like clothes/fabric, thread, needles, electricity. So, labour costs have increased and more maintenance of machines is required.

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