Barbara ElliottWant to become a globe trotter, but there are lots of factors that stop you from this? Then, we have something for you. Do you know that you can travel to any corner of the world with less than a hundred bucks in your pocket? Indeed, you can make your dream come true if you know some life hacks about cheap traveling.

By using the Internet you can find so much useful information for your future trips. Hitchhiking, cheap hostels for foreigners, lots of excursions for students have become common today. There is no need to use travel agencies which will cost you a fortune.

All you need is to know where to find the information. And we can help you with this.


Tips for Cheap Student Travel:


  1. In third-world countries, take the complimentary toothpaste and shampoo from your hotel or guesthouse and give them to the street kids who beg you for dollars.
  2. Don’t get a rail pass that lets you travel every day because you won’t and shouldn’t. Get a Flexi pass that allots a set number of travel days over an extended period of time (i.e.10 days in 2 months).
  3. Reservations? What is a reservation? We laugh at your reservations!
  4. Hostels have kitchens, so cook for yourself and the other residents once in a while. You’ll experience local markets in a whole new way, and earn instant karma.
  5. Nescafe Three-in-One Instant Coffee: Bring along a ten-pack (or more), and you’ll never be groggy in the morning.
  6. Student who like traveling use service for writing essay and get more free time and the best grades in college.
  7. Play ball! Football, that is. Nearly every town in the world has a soccer pitch and a pickup game almost every evening. Stop by, dribble, make new friends.
  8. Read novels set in your destination. You’ll understand the place better and won’t get guidebook fatigue.
  9. Bring photos of your family and postcards of your hometown. People you meet may ask about them.
  10. Throw away your Lonely Planet. Spontaneity is a virtue. Occasionally, tour guides are worth the extra $10.
  11. Bring as little as possible you’ll be schlepping that backpack around in the summer sun, and every extra sock counts.
  12. The sun is out, and you’ll need a hat so ditch the oh-so-American baseball cap and opt for something more interesting.
  13. Living in a city for two weeks is completely different from living there two days.
  14. Now’s the time to sign up for frequent-flier programs.
  15. Coming home at 4 and waking up at 11? Reverse it a city to yourself at daybreak is a noble reward.
  16. There are a million reasons not to take a trip: money, time, school, jobs, relationships, and civil war, etc.

Now you don’t need to save up money for one trip in a year. Discover new countries every month. You will be amazed at how affordable traveling can be if you use the mentioned above recommendations. Welcome to the world of globetrotters!

Author Bio:

Barbara Elliott has served in a number of leadership positions throughout her career including College Dean at three Universities and Tenured University Professor. Barbara is a frequent national and international presenter and author. Also she works as a blogger at

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