All the people out there are stressed in one way or another. Students are no exception to this. There are a number of reasons as well as consequences of this stress, affecting the lives of students, their parents as well as their teachers.

Though this is a vicious circle, some precautions can be taken by the students to protect themselves from this harmful phenomenon or at least lessen the burden:

1. Deep Breathing:

Try to concentrate on your breathing process, inhaling and exhaling, for ten times at the starting, then increase to twenty times. It is enough for a teenager student. You may do this whenever you feel stressed.

2. Love for studies:

Love for studies can be cultivated only if you just imagine the result of your studies. Try to fix your aim. Consider your studies as the first step to achieve your aim. Students can benefit a lot if they concentrate on what they want and keep in mind their goal in life.

Just imagine the role you are going to play in future, in your personal life, your family life and in the society.

3. Efforts:

The students should keep in mind that nothing great has ever been achieved without putting sincere efforts. The same holds true for studies also. To avoid the stress of appearing and clearing examinations every time, they should put in sincere continuous efforts.

Fearing and tearing at the last moment can be avoided if there are continuous efforts by the student making studies an enjoyable experience.

4. Prayer:

Irrespective of the religion, after making all the best efforts, leave everything to that Supreme Power (by whatever name you call it). You just pour out your fears, tensions, and weaknesses, in a private prayer and set yourself free for the better future.

All the qualities like hard work, patience, concentration, positive thinking etc. expected from a student can be cultivated and developed only with these basic steps.