Art is a personal skill developed over a period of time. Reading is also an art and can be developed and learnt.

At times it is important what is being read. At another time it becomes important how it is being read, but it is always important how well it is being read, if the motive with which the reading was initiated, is to be fulfilled.

Since the dawn of Reading Era, a number of benefits have been derived by people .It has never been out of thought for a person, as not having read anything.


Reading offers a number of benefits:

1.Prevents Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Reading delays or prevents Alzheimer’s and Dementia, keeping your brain active .

2. Relief from stress

Whenever you feel tired of overwork or whatever , a light reading of something that interests you gives a sufficient relief from stress.

3. Increase in vocabulary

Reading plays a major role in increasing the vocabulary of a person, by which he acquires an article to be added to his personality.

4. Memory retention

Memory retention is another benefit which not only makes the life an easy process but impressive in the eyes of others around, also.

5. Focus and concentration

Reading Improves a person’s capacity to focus thus increases his concentration in doing his job as well as in daily activities ,thereby making him more efficient than others.

6. Improvement of writing skills

When a person reads extensively he acquires better writing skills as he is able to express his thoughts in a clear way thus he is able to convey his feelings in a better way.

7. Entertainment

Reading a book, magazine, whether online or otherwise, always provide enough scope for entertaining himself.

8. Cultivating patience and analytics skills

Reading helps in cultivating patience and analyzing the situations and facts.

9. Peace of mind

In addition to and above all, reading provides necessary conditions for a person to be at ease and peace with himself  and can prove to be like meditation.

Concentration is required for reading, but before the actual reading begins if it is considered to be an enjoyable experience keeping in mind all the above benefits, concentration can be increased.



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