Are you the type who easily gets upset by others? Are you the type easily discouraged by others, what they do, what they wear, what they say, how they behave, how they walk, how they talk? Do you keep on thinking for long what others have said to you, said about you? Do you get excited when they appreciate you, and get depressed when they criticize you?

If yes, you need your own time to think about whether there is need of doing so or not. Give time to think a little for yourself, for your own growth and development, for solving your own problems, which are really your problems, which need to be solved, for ‘you’ and by ‘you’ only.

If you get upset by how others walk, talk or behave, it is not your business to get irritated unless you are directly affected by all this. Just change your own perspective, your own attitude. It doesn’t mean that you start liking whatever negative or bad you observe in and about others but just keep yourself unaffected by the negativity outside you. It is difficult, but is worth an effort to maintain good relations with others and keeping your own peace of mind.

If sometimes you get irritated because of a little said about you, consider it patiently, what actually it is, whether it is a false statement about you or a mis-statement far from reality. If it is false statement try to locate the source with a reasonable effort and boldly handle the wrongdoers and if it is not located just ignore it. If it is reality, that you know, try to learn from that, and improve yourself with your best efforts. If, however, it is simply a reason out of your control, just accept it as it is.

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