work smartThe time has gone when hard work rendered positive results; this is time to work smart. Working smartly means doing the most effective work, the most efficient way. The most efficient way of doing the work involves using minimum of efforts to get the quality benefit of those efforts at the most appropriate time.

Some basic tips that can be used to work smart are:

Daily targets of work should be set. The students should set these targets in terms of chapters or topics to be studied. Once set, take all the possible steps to finish the work to achieve these targets.

Do the that work first which you find difficult or boring and you don’t like to do .After finishing this boring and difficult work the future will make it sure that you complete the easy and interesting tasks. Students can use this tip for reading and learning a difficult chapter.

Once you sit to do the work, complete a part of work to be finished at a stretch before taking rest, to be resumed later. Students can fix a chapter or a topic for this purpose.

Once the work has been planned, don’t postpone the action on this plan. Start it immediately, minor details can be corrected later on.

Always separate out the important and unimportant tasks. Important tasks should be done at first. Unimportant tasks should be done at ease.

Plan for the next day work and make necessary arrangements so that work can be started without any delay.

Major task should be broken into parts and then parts should be done one by one.

Don’t go for perfection, just try to complete the task .Perfection is not one time process. It is a result of persistent efforts.

Try to find your own way of doing the things in the best possible manner.

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