work teamWork means transfer of energy and application of force over a distance, if considered in the context of science. As a layman, work means occupying oneself in any activity, may be mental or physical. Every person is busy doing something or another.

The main purpose of doing all the work is getting some sort of satisfaction or earning something of monetary value, in order to further get satisfaction.

If we pause our thinking, we come to know that behind all the activities, the purpose is to get satisfaction, directly or indirectly. Work is useful to get satisfaction, saving time and money, improving relations, improving mental capabilities and physical energy and many more benefits.

But the results of work done vary in all the situations. The major determinant is the attitude towards work. A person may be busy and even over burdened with work, still he is not getting what he wants, the satisfaction, if his attitude towards his work is negative.

The attitude towards work should be positive. It can be positive only if we it is considered to be dignified. The work can be considered dignified if there is positive culture of work. A person doing work should be seen as worthy of praise. He should not be seen as a low class, oppressed person; rather he should be seen with respect.

The work environment can turn out to be positive, relations can improve, and maximum utilization of resources can be made possible with this positive change. What actually is observed in our informal society is that a person who shows off his ignorance of work (especially manual work) is given respect and considered to have an esteemed status. There the roots of this problem are.

Let us take the initiative to give honor to ‘work’ and improve a positive work culture and prove to be useful, for the society and our own self. Work should be done to add value to the things, persons, and situations to make this world a better place to live.