This list of 216 Abbreviations for Commerce Students has been compiled keeping in view the level expected from a senior school student, his interest, his knowledge etc.

The purpose here is also to facilitate the understanding of new subject matter and to create interest in the students to learn more at their own pace with own understanding and exploration.

1 ASSOCHAM Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India
2 agcy. Agency
3 agt. Agent
4 asst. Assistant
5 a/c. Account
6 afaik. As far as I know
7 ADR American Depository Receipt
8 AIMA All India Management Association
9 AMUL Anand Milk Union Limited
10 ASAP As Soon As Possible
11 B2B Business To Business
12 B2C Business To Consumer
13 B2G Business To Government
14 BIS Bureau Of Indian Standards
15 BPO Business Process Outsourcing
16 BEL Bharat Electronics Ltd.
17 BHEL Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.
18 BIFR Board For Industrial And Financial Reconstruction
19 BEP Break Even Point
20 BSE Bombay Stock Exchange
21 BPL British Physical Laboratories
22 BMW Bayerische Motoren Worke
23 CEO Chief Executive Officer
24 CAO Chief Accounting Officer
25 CAG Comptroller And Auditor General
26 CIO Chief Information Officer
27 CMO Chief Marketing Officer
28 CNG Compressed Natural Gas
29 COO Chief Operating Officer
30 CPA Certified Public Accountant
31 CTO Chief Technology Officer
32 COGS Cost Of Goods Sold
33 Corp. Corporation
34 CPI Consumer Price Index
35 CPU Cost Per Unit
36 CSR Corporate Social Responsibility
37 CVP Cost Volume Profit
38 C&F Cost And Freight
39 CIF Cost Insurance And Freight
40 CII Confederation Of Indian Industries
41 CCS Cash Compensatory Scheme
42 CTV Colour Television
43 CPI Consumer Price Index
44 CCI Controller Of Capital Issues
45 COCO Company Owned Company Operated
46 CODO Company Owned Company Operated
47 CEAT Cavi Elettrici E Affini Torino
48 CNN Cable News Network
49 CPU Central Processing Unit
50 DEPT Department
51 DISC Discount
52 EBIT Earnings Before Interest And Taxes
53 ESPN Entertainment And Sports Programming Network
54 EPS Earnings Per Share
55 ESOP Employee Stock Option Plan
56 EMI Equated Monthly Installment
57 EPC Export Promotion Council
58 ECGC Export Credit Guarantee Corporation Of India
59 EXIM Bank Export Import Bank Of India
60 EPZ Export Processing Zone
61 FCCB Foreign Currency Convertible Bond
62 FDI Foreign Direct Investment
63 FCUK French Connection
64 FICCI Federation Of Indian Chambers Of Commerce And Industry
65 FII Foreign Institutional Investors
66 FOB Freight On Board
67 FOC Free Of Cost
68 FYA For Your Action
69 FIAT Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino
70 FPO Fruit Products Order
71 FYI For Your Information
72 GAIL Gas Authority Of India Ltd.
73 GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
74 GATT General Agreement For Trade And Tariff
75 GIC General Insurance Corporation
76 GDP Gross Domestic Product
77 GDR Global Depositary Receipt
78 GP Gross Profit
79 HR Human Relations
80 HQ Head Quarter
81 HTC High Tech Computer Corporation
82 HTML Hypertext Mark-Up Language
83 HDFC Housing Development Finance Corporation
84 IMF International Monetary Fund
85 INC. Incorporated
86 ILO International Labour Organization
87 IPO Initial Public Offer
88 ISP Internet Service Provider
89 ICSI Indian Company Secretaries Institute
90 IAS International Accounting Standards
91 IT Information Technology
92 IDBI Industrial Development Bank Of India
93 ICICI Industrial Credit And Investment Corporation Of India
94 IFRS International Financial Reporting Standard
95 IMF International Monetary Fund
96 ISO International Organisation For Standardisation
97 ITDC Indian Tourism Development Corporation
98 ITO International Trade Organisation
99 IBM International Business Machines
100 IM Instant Messaging
101 IMM Institute Of Marketing Management
102 ICAI Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of India
103 ICWAI Institute Of Cost And Work Accountants Of India
104 INTEL Integrated Electronics
105 IRDA Insurance Regulatory And Development Act
106 IFCI Industrial Finance Corporation Of India
107 ISO International Organization For Standardization
108 IOC Indian Oil Corporation
109 KPI Key Performance Indicators
110 KYC Know Your Customers
111 LG Lucky Goldstar
112 LLC Limited Liability Company
113 LIC Life Insurance Corporation
114 LTD. Limited Company
115 LLP Limited Liability Partnership
116 LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas
117 MBA Master Of Business Administration
118 MCA Master Of Computer Application
119 MNC Multi National Corporation
120 MRTP Monopoly And Restrictive Trade Practices
121 MFG. Manufacturing
122 MOU Memorandum Of Understanding
123 MPC Marginal Propensity To Consume
124 MRP Maximum Retail Price
125 MILE Maximum Impact, Little Effort
126 MRF Madras Rubber Factory
127 NASDAQ National Association Of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation
128 NAV Net Asset Value
129 NABARD National Bank For Agricultural And Rural Development
130 NAFED National Agricultural And Marketing Federation
131 NSDL National Securities Depository Limited
132 NOI Net Operating Income
133 NPV Net Present Value
134 NRI Non Resident Indian
135 NRN No Reply Necessary
136 NTC National Textile Corporation
137 NCERT National Council Of Educational Research & Training
138 NFL National Fertilizer Limited
139 NHRC National Human Rights Commission
140 NIDC National Industrial Development Corporation
141 NIIT National Institute Of Information Technology
142 NPC National Productivity Council
143 NRDC National Research And Development Corporation
144 NREP National Rural Employment Programme
145 NTPC National Thermal Power Corporation
146 OGL Open General License
147 OIL Oil India Limited
148 OK All Correct
149 OLTAS On Line Tax Accounting System
150 ONGC Oil And Natural Gas Commission
151 OPEC Organisation Of Petroleum Exporting Countries
152 OTCE Over The Counter Exchange
153 PAN Permanent Account Number
154 PCO Public Call Office
155 PSU Public Sector Undertakings
156 PFI Public Financial Institutions
157 PAL Premier Automobiles Ltd.
158 PRO Public Relations Officer
159 PH.D Doctor Of Philosophy
160 PIN Postal Index Number
161 PTI Press Trust Of India
162 PTO Please Turn Over
163 PWD Public Works Department
164 PAT Profit After Tax
165 PBT Profit Before Tax
166 P/E Price-To-Earnings Ratio
167 P&L Profit And Loss
168 POS Point Of Sale
169 PPP Public-Private Partnership
170 RE Retained Earnings
171 ROE Return On Equity
172 ROI Return On Investment
173 R&D Research And Development
174 RFP Request For Proposal
175 ROI Return On Investment
176 RRP Recommended Retail Price
177 STD Subscribers Trunk Dialing
178 SEBI Securities And Exchange Board Of India
179 SWOT Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
180 SIDBI Small Industries Development Bank Of India
181 TA Travelling Allowance
182 TTE Travelling Ticket Examiner
183 TAN Tax Deduction And Collection Account Number
184 TELCO Tata Engineering And Locomotive Company
185 TISCO Tata Iron And Steel Company Limited
186 TOEFL Test Of English As A Foreign Language
187 TIN Tax Information Network
188 TRAI Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India
189 TDS Tax Deduction At Source
190 UFO Unidentified Flying Object
191 UNO United Nations Organization
192 UGC University Grants Commission
193 UNI United News Of India
194 USP Unique Selling Proposition
195 UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply
196 URL Universal Resource Locator
197 UTI Unit Trust Of India
198 UNDP United Nations Development Programme
199 UPSC Union Public Service Commission
200 UNCTAD United Nations Conference On Trade And Development
201 UNESCO United Nations Economic Social And Cultural Organisation
202 VC Vice-Chancellor
203 VP Vice-President
204 VIP Very Important Person
205 VPP Value Payable Post
206 VAT Value Added Tax
207 VPN Virtual Private Network
208 VRS Voluntary Retirement Scheme
209 VDIS Voluntary Disclosure Of Income Scheme
210 VSNL Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited
211 Wrt With Respect To
212 WHO World Health Organisation
213 WPI Wholesale Price Index
214 WTO World Trade Organization
215 WIPRO Western India Products Limited
216 WWW World Wide Web


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