Note makingEvery student wants to make the best out of his efforts put in by him in the process of preparing for examinations. He learns the topics, solves the numerical questions,  create his own abbreviations and mnemonics, etc.

But if he prepares notes out of the text books and on the basis of notes and lectures delivered by the teacher in the class, he can gain double benefit by cutting half his efforts.

For note making to be effective he must create his interest in the process with firm belief that these notes are half way to the final destination.

Notes must be prepared in the wording of the student , according to the level of understanding and convenience.

Notes can be prepared separately in the notebook or on the pages of the concerned book itself. Students can use the area outside the printed area for writing such notes. In some books some blank pages are provided specifically for this purpose only.

Writing notes on the pages of the book saves a lot of time, rest depends on the personal liking of the student.

While making notes, mnemonics, mind maps, diagrams, flowcharts, symbols etc. play an important role. The student needs to play with his own creativity in this regard.

A variety of shapes and symbols can be used for different purposes in notes.

eqn equation # no. = equal
ppl people $ dollars , money ~ approximately
edu education = Equal to ? question
govt government Is not equal to > greater than
dept department e.g. for example < less than
& and i.e. that is # no.
because etc. etcetera Ch Chapter
therefore ….. and so on Vs. Against, versus
Δ change NB remember well C century
/ per * important m million
 ↑ increase ** very important p page
↑↑ rapid increase K thousand pp pages
 ↓ decrease am morning b/c because
↓↓ rapid decrease pm afternoon b4 before
leads to viz namely does not lead to
 ↔ connected asap as soon as possible wrt with respect to



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