Basic requirements for Commerce student

It becomes important to understand this when choice of stream is made. Every subject or work under the sky needs some special skills and bent of mind to reap the benefit of the efforts put in that work. An artist needs perception, imagination, love for colors etc. but everyone cannot be an artist. Similarly, everyone cannot be a singer, a doctor or whatever. A Commerce student is also not an exceptional case.

A commerce student needs to possess some basic qualities, like:

Love for numbers

A commerce student must feel happiness in playing with numbers, addition, subtraction, division and multiplication etc. He must know simple tips for easy and quick calculations in order to save time, thus complete his paper in time.


He should possess the quality of patience required for practice of numerical type questions from examination point of view. Further, in practical professional front he has to set the monetary statements right, as a small difference would make a huge difference in his records, personal as well as business records leading to huge monetary and non-monetary losses.


Due to need for understanding the things and proper reasoning is much more required than mere ability to cram the things. Accountancy which is the basic subject here is based on reasoning and understanding.


Many times there is need of making minor as well as major decisions regarding the choice of a particular course of action or method in certain situations, in business world. The same is required in studies also.

Time management

Like any other work area, a commerce student must be able to manage his time well. This is especially needed for devoting time for studies together with carrying on his routine activities. Time management is of special importance during attempting the examination paper.

These qualities will go a long way to make a student a brilliant commerce student, besides other qualities of a good student.

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