1. What is the purpose of commerceatease.com?

The purpose of this site is to provide academic and general guidance to the Commerce students of Classes 11th and 12th .


  1. What does this website provide to its visitors?

It provides easy and precise notes on Accountancy and Business Studies along with all the relevant material regarding the preparation of Exams. For general reading It has mentioned some really effective resources so that a student gains knowledge even if entertaining in free time. In general guidance It has lot of stuff that a student must know these days. The details can be seen only after exploring this website well.


  1. Do I have to register myself with commerceatease.com?

No, There is no need of registration . You can just open the site and read whatever you want.


  1. Do I have to pay anything for taking any benefit from this website?

No, You don’t have to pay anything to anyone, to use it.


      5.Why is this website free for its users?

As Commerceatease.com is non-profit website with a mission and not for profit making.


      6.Will this website always be free for its users?

Yes, all efforts will be made to keep it absolutely free for its users.


  1. Is all the stuff under Download category really free?

Yes, All the stuff under Download category is absolutely free.


  1. How often can I visit this website for free?

Commerceatease.com is free for its users all the time, to visit as many times as they feel like.


  1. How should I use this website?

Commerceatease.com is your friend and guide.

For Accountancy, you need to listen to your teachers and read books as usual. Then read the notes on the concerned topic given here. Then try solving the questions, solved illustrations of your books and then unsolved exercises.

For Business Studies, first you read these notes and then read from the NCERT books concerned.


  1. Can I depend solely on this website?

No, In higher classes you should not depend on any single source of knowledge. You must supplement your studies from the three major sources: Your teacher, your course books and above all your own regular revision and evaluation.


  1. How should I find a topic on this website?

You can reach the topic you want in many ways:

For Commerce subjects and Download categories, You just click the menu link , It will give you the detailed list , then click on the unit you need to read. Then a list of detailed articles will open, click on the title to read the full article.

You can find the menu list on the homepage as well as the footer area of every page.

Regarding other categories you keep on exploring RELATED POSTS you find below every article on the site.


  1. If I am not able to find something here what I want to see?

Then, you may use SEARCH WINDOW on top right corner of every page.


  1. Is any live/personal guidance provided to the users of this website?

No, no personal guidance is provided by this website.


  1. Can I ask any question using Phone no.?

Please! avoid making any call as it is not a whole time business concern. In case you really need to ask something, you may use Contact Us given on the top right corner of every page. The genuine query will be replied to.


  1. Should I send feedback/suggestion to commerceatease.com?

Yes, Feedback/Suggestions will help us perform better in future.


  1. How should I send feedback/suggestion ?

Please! use Contact Us form.


  1. Is there any facebook page of this website?

Yes, there is a facebook page for giving the updates regarding the new articles, sometimes old articles also, relevant notification by C.B.S.E., any top news of interest, any motivational quote or video etc.

You can like it through the homepage of this website also.


  1. Are all the articles notified by facebook page notifications?

Only notifications regarding new articles posted on the website, are given by this page.


  1. Is it necessary to like the facebook page of this website?

For making the use of the website it is not compulsory. But the other notifications which are not posted on this website , you must get regular notifications by liking the page. You must visit the page at least once a week, so that you do not miss any important notification, as facebook doesn’t circulate free pages more often.


  1. This website doesn’t provide readymade solutions?

No, It doesn’t provide readymade solutions to your problems, but It will surely help you to solve your problems on your own, by providing such notes and telling you the perfect ways to study and solve. This is the philosophy of this website.


  1. It is not complete also?

 You are right. This website is a single person’s effort. The work is still in process.


  1. It lacks professional skills…

Yes, as the website is being run by non-technical but professional educator.

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