Meaning of Directing

Directing as a function of management means to lead, motivate and inspire the subordinates and to communicate with them.

Directing refers to the process of instructing, guiding, counseling, motivating and leading people in the organization to achieve its objectives. Directing includes communication, supervision, motivation and leadership.

Characteristics/features of Directing:

1. Directing initiates action:

A manager has to perform this function along with planning, organizing, staffing and controlling. While other functions prepare a setting for action, directing initiates action in the organization.

2. Directing is pervasive:

Directing takes place at every level of management wherever superior – subordinate relations exist i.e.  from top executive to supervisor.

3. Directing is a continuous process:

It takes place throughout the life of the organization because without direction the organizational activities cannot continue further.

4. Directing flows from top to bottom:

It means that every manager can direct his immediate subordinate and take instructions from his immediate boss.

Importance of Directing:

1.Directing helps to initiate action by people in the organization towards attainment of desired objectives.

2. Directing integrates employees-efforts in the organization so that every individual effort contributes to the organizational performance.

3. Directing guides employees to fully realize their potential and capabilities by motivating and providing effective leadership.

4. Directing facilitates introduction of needed changes in the organization by reducing  resistance from people through motivation, communication and leadership and developing  required cooperation in introducing changes in the organization.

5. Effective directing helps to bring stability and balance in the organization by creating cooperation and commitment among the people and creating balance among various groups, activities and the departments.

Elements of Direction:

The activities relating to directing can be classified in four categories known as elements of Directing. These are:

1. Supervision.

2. Communication.

3. Leadership.

4. Motivation.

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