Depressed manDon’t ever lose heart in case you are stressed. It is a common observation to see someone stressed .It is not also uncommon to hear someone say,”I’m in tension”,”I’ve tension”. It may be due to any factor: physical, mental, social or emotional but everyone experiences tension or stress.

You are not getting good marks ,you are stressed, you are not getting admission into a college of your choice, you get stuck in traffic on way to your school, college or office and you get in tension, you are standing in a queue for cinema tickets and the house is declared full, you get in tension, you see your date sheet for exams, again you are in tension, you send someone a message there is no response from the other side ,you begin to doubt of something negative and get into tension, you wear a new dress to your friend’s place or a party, It’s not appreciated you get in tension, you catch cold and it appears as if you won’t ever be able to get well.

These are some of the common instances of a variety of reasons of getting in tension, a common problem, though the terms or reasons being not medically defined here.

Whosoever is in tension or experiences stress knows better what happens then, but some common symptoms are headache, lack of concentration in work as well as what you do, what you say, what you expect. As a result of all this you lose confidence in yourself and in understanding others and they lose patience in you. As a result, there is lack of communication as well as mis-communication leading to poor relations in the long run, further leading to more stress and tension. And you get trapped into a vicious circle.

These poor relations can result in different types of disputes resulting into losing friends, losing job, divorce with spouse etc. If this problem of living in stress or tension persists in the long run, it can result in chronic headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabeties, skin problems, asthama, arthritis, depression, and anxiety further complicating the life of a person.

A person who is always in tension or stress is not a welcome figure anywhere. There are few people out there who are really interested to listen to you and try to solve your problem. Family members and friends listen to your problem, try to solve but It also becomes your duty not to involve them in your problems rather create a healthy atmosphere everywhere.

The first solution to handle this problem is to find out the reasons of stress or tension. It can be your inability to do some work, negative attitude, lack of knowledge, lack of time management, lack of communication skills, lack of contacts, over ambitious attitude, over ambitious parents etc.

There can be hundreds of reasons of stress but there can be thousands of solutions if you move towards finding the solution. The solution may not be very easy; it may not be immediate but mostly the solution is out there. Effort should be made to find out the reason and then the solution.

The most important factor in doing all this is positive attitude, hope, trust in the almighty. If it is not found with your best efforts, consider it to be non-existent, leave it and accept it.

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