We don’t learn from books alone we learn from nature also, if we keep our mind open .Breaking the routine can be very easy and rewarding by observing the nature. Nature is the soother provided by the Almighty, free of cost. Nature is a free tutorial service made available by Him. The only requirement is how much observant, attentive and interested we are in learning the lessons.

We can learn to appreciate the beauty of nature. The beauty of trees, animals, mountains, water bodies, birds, vegetation etc. is beyond explanation. The colours and varieties are endless and matchless. Every piece of nature poses a question regarding its creation process. We can learn great lessons from nature:

The biggest lesson is taught by sun. It brings a new hope every day and suggests living life with shining face not a frowning or dull face. It suggests a smile to be brought on your face while dealing with others. It shows the life force present every time though sometimes not visible (in case of cloudy weather).It teaches us punctuality, by rising everyday at the same time in the same side.

Water teaches us to make necessary changes in our actions to find a way for the destination. We can alter and modify our actions to achieve our goals in life.

Wind teaches us not to show off the deeds but only actions having results.

Flowers teach us to smile and appreciate beauty.

Grass teaches us to be submissive and going unharmed in case of adversities.

Roots of trees teach us to be firm with our basic principles of life.

Eagle teaches us to fight for our own survival.

Ants help us to learn the value of being in discipline by making a queue.

A duck teaches us to stay calm taking actions but keep on moving.

Pets teach us the lesson of unconditional love and affection along with obedience.

The love for nature is surely the purest, beyond all limitations………………

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