English speakingIt is a common observation that a person speaking English is surely considered an esteemed one. Sometimes a person does not win an argument in his regional language but English though considered a foreign language wins over the regional language. It becomes more powerful to use English as a medium of conversation where authority is to be exercised.

English speaking is occupying an important place as far as the basic requirements of career development are concerned. You can surely take your career graph high with the help of skill of using English language in your conversations, correspondence, e-mails etc.

Knowing the language is not enough, you should be able to use this language in your verbal conversations also. You should be able to converse well in English. Everywhere in interview English speaking candidates are given preference, they are able to convince others in a better way. They are able to dominate others most of the times. So, all the efforts should be made to develop English communication skills mainly due to the following reasons.

English is the universal language used by all the countries, though the percentage of English speaking people in a specific country may be different.

Majority of the newspapers, magazines and other print material as well as music and advertising have the same medium i.e. English.

Over the internet also, English is the main language. All the digital material is in English.

It is one of the privileges to know English language in the career development.

You are more likely to dominate others in discussions and arguments if done in English.

So it becomes important to do so. Develop your English speaking skill by starting immediately using it as a medium of conversation with others. Watch English programmes on television, news, etc…You can join a course as per your requirement.

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