Refreshing during study time is of utmost importance. It is important to refresh to give value to your efforts put in the work and study. It not only helps to  improve the memory, which ultimately leads to retained learning but also in minimizing the requirement of study time ,increasing fun time and lead to healthy and peaceful living.

Every person has his own liking and preference for a particular activity, event, thing, hobby, work, program, etc. Some useful time tested techniques have been suggested here, any one or combination of different techniques may be used to refreshing up:

  • Immediately after getting up from study hour, have a glass of water. You will gain instant energy. Water will keep your body hydrated.
  • A small gossip with someone can be a good solution for many persons. It will relax your mind immediately. But it must not be a topic of strong argument or discussion.
  • Just go to window side and look out of the window. People or nature, whatever you like will again give you a dose of freshness.
  • Take at least ten long breaths, inhaling and exhaling with your eyes closed.
  • You can stretch out your arms, legs and back to boost the flow of the energy throughout your body.
  • You can eat some low calorie snacks.
  • You can watch songs or any other entertainment program to relax, but avoid serials involving you too much.
  • You can listen to your favorite songs or simple instrumental music.
  • You can take a small nap to relax and gain energy for the next session of study.
  • A small outing to market can be used to freshen up.
  • You can have a walk with your ear phones playing your favorite songs.
  • Some people even use the solving of puzzles as a relaxation technique.

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