Sonali GuptaMost of the students find it difficult to study in class 11th due to the new subjects in Commerce stream. They find it difficult to  prepare for exams. So, I guess, some of the suggestions based on my experience can be helpful to the other students out there.


Special Tips to score 90 plus marks:

  1. Saving precious time:

First of all, in most of the schools, the new session of class 11th starts from July. So, there is a loss of total 3 months for the students. This happens only in class 11th due to the  delay in class 10th result. Therefore, as I did, you should start studying at home in the beginning of April instead of wasting 3 months. It will definitely help you to score good marks.

  1. More practice:

Accountancy, Business studies and Economics are the 3 subjects which are considered to be a backbone of the field COMMERCE. According to my experience, you require more and more practice in Accountancy as it involves lot of calculations. So, you should study Accountancy daily. Business studies and Economics can also be done in an alternative manner.

  1. Time management:

Most of the Commerce students use to say that there is not enough time in exams to complete their Accountancy paper. As it involves many calculations along with preparing proper formats, I think it’s true. In order to get rid of this problem, I would like to suggest to all, that while studying and doing practice  of Accountancy numerical questions at home or at school, do it in a proper format by using scale and pencil by giving working notes. By doing  this daily, it will become your habit which would definitely help you to finish your Accountancy paper in time.

  1. Use daily life experience:

While studying Business studies, always read or learn the topics by relating to daily life experiences. Don’t use PARROT LEARNING.

  1. Solving sample papers:

Solving sample papers of Accountancy, Economics and Business studies, helps students to practice how to attempt paper in exam. Always try to give answers in points instead of giving in paragraphs. Give points and their sub-points in exams.

  1. Prepare a formulae/headings notebook:

There are different kinds of headings/formulae in Business Studies and Accountancy. So, prepare a separate small formulae/headings notebook in which you write only formulae/points of different chapters separately. By this method, it will become easy to learn the formulae/points or headings.


Author Bio: Sonali Gupta, is a student of Class 12th.


RupaliEvery student of Commerce faces the dilemma of ‘How to study and prepare for exams.?’ Here are some tips to be used while preparing for Accountancy and Business studies:


For Accountancy:

  1. Accountancy is a very time consuming subject and requires a lot of practice.
  2. I always preferred, first to clear theory portion and then come on practical problems because theory provides the base of the subject. Most of the students apply the strategy that they will revise the theory part only one day before the exams and ultimately they get poor score.
  3. The Page- Flipping method is guaranteed to waste maximum of your time and produce minimum of results.
  4. I used to prepare a time table like how much syllabus is pending. I opt the methods of mix and match the subjects. In case you are not very sure about the concept, solve the illustrations that are given.
  5. For calculations, don’t use calculator. Try to do it manually, it will increase your efficiency. You can start by doing calculations in daily routine too, like estimating bills.
  6. Accountancy is a subject which you can’t cram. You need to understand the concepts. Learn the formats too, such as format of Journal ,Ledger, Balance sheet etc. They are also one of the reasons for deduction of marks.
  7. Do more practice of lengthy and little bit difficult chapters like Depreciation, BRS, Financial statements. While preparing for exams, try to solve previous years’ question papers. It will help you to do proper time management. Try to avoid abbreviations in papers.
  8. Along with hard work try to do some smart work. While reading or doing practice, mark those points which you feel are important or in which you face problem. At the time of preparation, rather than covering all the topics focus on the marked one due to time shortage.

According to me, the most important thing is self-assessment. Try to compete with yourself rather than anyone else. It will give you more self-satisfaction.


For Business Studies:

  1. Business studies is a quite interesting It involves some topics and terms.
  2. If you listen to your teacher carefully in class, you can correlate it with the real life. It involves case studies which help you to understand the topics. Try to solve them.
  3. Business studies always involves detailed study. Revise the topics in routine. A little progress each day adds to big results.
  4. Moreover, as a student must always remember the 3As – attentiveness, attendance and activeness. They play a very important role.
  5. The beneficial secret tip: Emotion + Information = Long Term Memory If you have kind of emotion connected with any kind of information then it’s the best thing possible because then it would become long term memory which you will be able to remember like a movie .
  6. While preparing the answers, I always tried to make points of each answer. Headings should also be given along with points. Don’t write too lengthy answers in papers. I used to study from NCERT book and then by Subhash Dey.
  7. You can also make the mind maps. It saves a lot of time during revision. One must focus on presentation and handwriting
  8. Always remember, Everything is difficult in life before it becomes easy!! as told by my teacher, who has always helped me to stay motivated.


Author Bio: Rupali Kumari is a student of Class 12th.


Vishwas Kakkar11th is the base of 12th standard. If you study well in 11th you would definitely score good marks in 12th.

I didn’t join any tuition class or any institute to study in 11th. I just revised the concepts that were taught in the school, at home, the very same day. So, any one can score good marks without taking tuition.

Accountancy is a subject which requires every day practice, so you should practice what the teacher has taught in the class the very same day.


Some Special Tips for exams.:

  1. Mind maps for Business studies:

I used to prepare mind maps for Business studies . In mind maps, I used to write the headings and then learn them so as to write correct answers.

  1. For the last chapter(final accounts):

I used to mark the accounts in the Trial Balance in the question with different signs ,so that I don’t get distracted by other accounts in the question.

  1. Practice of unsolved test papers:

I did lot of practice of unsolved test papers, so that I can do any question in exam. without any problem.

  1. Reading all chapters of Business studies:

I read all the chapters of Business studies thoroughly, so that I can answer any question asked from any topic of the chapters.

This is the little I can write regarding the way you should study in class 11th and score good marks.

 Author Bio: Vishwas Kakkar is a student of Class 12th.