Reason to study CommerceStudents, who have passed tenth class, now would be thinking of selecting which stream or course to be opted in class eleventh. Some students interested in Engineering or Medical Profession and scoring 70% marks or more, go for Medical or Non -Medical Streams. Some students scoring 50%- 55% marks & those who are interested in Fashion Designing or other Vocational courses opt for Arts. Some students who score an average marks, these days, are interested in opting Commerce as their stream.

Commerce Stream is a good choice as it is not considered difficult like Medical/Non-medical streams. Opting Commerce has great scope in future, as there are various prestigious Professional Degrees in Commerce viz.CA for becoming a Chartered Accountant, CS for becoming Company Secretary, ICWAI (Professional Degree of Cost Accountancy). Besides these, students of Commerce Background can pursue their career in Banking Sector. In banking sector the demand of commerce students is much more than other students. He/ she can establish his own Sole Proprietorship business or can form Partnership firms for auditing the books of other business firms. A Commerce candidate can be an Accountant drawing good Salary Package He has a scope as Assistant Professor in college, Universities etc. and if a student can’t afford such professional degrees, he can go for Masters Degree and open up his own academy for teaching Accountancy, Economics, and Business Studies etc. As the craze of commerce is increasing among students every year, everybody wants tuitions or coaching for these subjects, by this a candidate can earn much by sitting at home.

Commerce is just a new subject for students. Like, up to class tenth students learn Science, Mathematics (which are the main subjects in Medical & in Non- Medical), Social science, Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Punjabi etc. all are the subjects which students can pursue by taking Arts stream. But Commerce is totally new for students. So, they are not aware of this subject.

Commerce stream consists of subjects like Accountancy, Business Studies, and Economics as main subjects. Accountancy is a practical subject in which students have to solve practical problems.Business Studies & Economics are theory based subjects. Like a little kid learns in his primary classes: English, Hindi alphabet as a beginner, same situation is faced by a student in commerce, in class eleventh.

Students must focus on the basics of every commerce subject. If basics are clear, they can solve practical problems easily. In Accountancy, there are some basic rules like that of Debit/Credit, on which whole Accountancy is based. Same in case of Economics & Business Studies also. Students must read the chapter here before it is taught in the class & then again same can be revised from the notes given here. The student must give importance to self-study, as there is no better solution to his problems. He must do his home work after studying in the class. If a student has read the chapter prior to class, he/she can clear any doubt in the class from teacher. So, little hard work is required for great achievement. Classes should be attended regularly by the students. A time table can be prepared that must be followed seriously. Students who do their studies seriously & with responsibility can learn well and score excellent marks in exams.

So at the end, I can say that Commerce has wide scope these days and likely to be wider in future, if good efforts are put, a commerce candidate can never sit idle in future. All the Very Best for your Journey towards your career.

Vanita Panwar