Various consumer organizations and non-government organizations set up for non-profit motive have a strong role in promoting the interests of the consumers. It can be summed up as under:

1. Educating the general public about consumer rights by organizing training programmes, seminars & workshops.

2. Publishing periodicals & other publications to impart knowledge about consumer problems, legal reporting, reliefs available & other matters of interest.

3. Carrying out comparative testing of consumers products in accredited laboratories to test qualities, brands etc.

4. Encouraging consumers to strongly protest & take an action against unscrupulous, exploitative & unfair trade practices of sellers.

5. Providing legal assistance to consumers by way of providing aid, legal advice etc.

6. Filing complaints in appropriate consumer courts on behalf of consumers.

7. Taking an initiative in filling cases in consumer courts in the interest of general public, not for any individual.

Important consumer organizations and NGOs operating in India

1) Consumer Coordination Council, Delhi.

2) Common Cause, Delhi.

3) Voluntary Organization in Interest of Consumer Education (VOICE), Delhi.

4) Consumer Education and Research Centre (CERC), Ahmadabad.

5) Consumer Protection Council (CPC), Ahmadabad.

6) Consumer Guidance Society of India (CGSI), Mumbai.

7) Mumbai Grahak Panchayat, Mumbai.

8) Karnataka Consumer Service Society, Bangalore.

9) Consumers’ Association, Kolkata.

10) Consumer Unity and Trust Society (CUTS), Jaipur.

11) International Consumer Rights Protection Council Council (ICRPC).

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