In an era that witnesses an everyday battle of intelligence and tough competition, it is education that should provide the set of rules for creating an individual with strong moral fiber and cultural grounds. ‘Commerce’ is a stream that has a safe track to move on and many career opportunities to make a perfect career.

With the passage of time along with people’s thinking changed, there was a change in people’s taste regarding ‘Commerce’. Earlier, ‘Commerce’ was considered as a difficult subject to deal and average students were hardly seen studying ‘Commerce’. During that time ‘Arts’ was given importance let alone ‘Non-medical’ and ‘Medical’ which average students never thought to choose for.

Keeping aside the students those days, their parents too decided to make their children study ‘Arts’ and have a degree of B.A. in their hands. ‘Non-medical’ and ‘Medical’ were those subjects that were meant for the meritorious students. ‘Arts’ was opted by those meritorious students who wanted to do something for the nation i.e. get into civil services, become an I.A.S officer, etc.

But nowadays, everything in this process has changed. For every stream, people have their different point of view, for instance,

If a student has opted for ‘Arts’, he/she might have scored less than average in his/her 10th std. Some say, he/she has a potential to do something for the country they might get into, either civil services or become an I.A.S officer.

If a student has opted for ‘Commerce’ then the student is considered to be as an average student because they never opted for ‘Non-medical’ or ‘Medical’ because they didn’t score well in their 10th std. Some say, student would become C.A or fall into bank.

Let’s not talk about ‘Medical’ and ‘Non-medical’, it would hurt my feelings.

This is today’s world. Ever thought, why there is such difference in thinking of the  people? The reason behind this is much complicated, and a student never understands it at this stage and parents are unable to explain it or make their children understand it with ease. Coming back to the main issue here, there are several reasons of growing importance of ‘Commerce’ which run in my mind at present that I would like to share with the readers:

There are, of course, many career options available to the student opting for ‘Commerce’ some of which are:

-Accountant/Accounts Executive.
-Chartered Accountant/ Company Secretary/Cost Accountant.
-Finance Analyst/Finance Planner/ Finance Manager/ Finance Controller/ Finance Consultant.
-Investment Analyst/ Stock Broker/Portfolio Manager.
-Tax Auditor/ Tax Consultant.
-Marketing/ Sales/ Retail/Logistics.
-Event Management/Public Relations.
-Market Research.
-Hotel & Hospitality.
-Computer & Information Technology.
-Law & Legal Services – Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Civil Law, Labour Law.
-Human Resource/Personnel Management.
-Stock/Securities/ Mutual funds/ Commodity & Share Trading.

Another reason why students opt for ‘Commerce’ is, they find it easy. Let it be clear to every student. It is an easy way out for those who study but can be the most difficult option for those who often walk on the seventh cloud in over confidence when they fall into misconception that the subject is easy and usually get into misunderstanding that they can always score good marks like they did in their 10th std.

Some opt for ‘Commerce’ by following the trend.

But, one of the most common reasons that are often heard these years is that ‘Commerce’, is opted by average students. Students who never scored enough marks to opt for ‘Medical’ or ‘Non-medical’ and they find ‘Arts’ as a low categorized subject, (silly world I suppose) are opting for ‘Commerce’ .