The process of Memory Retention starts before the actual reading of the matter under consideration as Memory Retention depends upon the willingness to learn and retain. Willingness to retain the matter in memory depends upon the use of this matter – whether it is to be used for momentary satisfaction or to be used for the long run. The effort must be made to discard the wasteful thoughts and to retain the important matter. It can be done through ‘mental cleaning’.

For the student, to learn the matter well, separate suggestions are there for the theory subjects like Business Studies and practical as well as numerical work involving reasoning, working with calculations like Accountancy.

For Business Studies

The first step is – just to have a glance on the topic and the related matter superficially. Then the lecture attended in the class becomes the basis of self study.

First reading should be speed reading to have an idea of the subject matter to guess what it is all about correlating it with the class lecture(if any).

Second reading should be with conscious effort with underlining of the key points where headings are not given and putting code words/symbols for key points.

Then try to use code words to summarize and revise the material read. Use diagrams and symbols along with these codes and devise your own methods to learn these codes to aid memory retention. Mind maps can be used effectively for learning various topics of Business Studies.

For Accountancy

After attending the class, one should have an idea of the topic what it is all about. The biggest problem of Accountancy is that most of the topics are correlated and must be done in sequence for easy and effective learning. So, learning of the base unit/topic should be strong.

Then read the topic and try to understand the theoretical portion and separate out the ‘pure theory’ questions from the theory required for doing the numerical questions.

After reading that relevant theory portion, go for the illustrations given in the book.

Then, try to handle the unsolved questions given in the book, topic by topic, sub-topic by sub-topic. Basics of every topic must be clear. Understanding of the basics and a lot of practice is required to master this subject.

Above all, Try to create interest in studies, Keep your brain happy. revise all the topics with the help of key points before the day of examination.

Principles of Memory

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