NotemakingHow to create interest in studies? This is a problem faced by a large number of students .

Some simple and effective steps to make studies interesting.

  1. Your eyes on your goal

First of all, you have to keep an eye on your goal, what you actually want to become e.g. You want to score 85%+ marks. By stating your intention to yourself ,you make clear goals.

  1. Fake it till you make it

You just make yourself understand that interest does not come instantly, if you are not interested in a topic originally, It will take some time to cultivate. So, fake it till you make it.

  1. Add colour to your studies

Besides using stationery of your choice like pens, pencils, notebook, registers, etc. You may use to underline the headings in your book with different colours.

  1. Make notes

Always make your own notes, may be in brief to create your understanding to make it long lasting in your memory. Notes should summarize what you have studied.

  1. Visualise

Visualisation is the foundation stone of success. Visualise that you have done it , you understand everything, visualise completion of work, exercise, attempting your exam. with 87%+ marks, etc.

  1. Use diagrams

You try to make small diagrams, cartoons and flow charts etc. to understand the structures, processes etc.

  1. Use small goals

Try to set small goals for, hour, day,  week, month …in terms of a topic,  chapter, unit, subject etc., achieve and motivate yourself the way you can think of, would be suitable for you.

    8. Mind maps

Mind maps and making mental pictures are very effective tools. If you can’t remember a fact, close your eyes and picture where it is in your notes, in your book, or on your Mind Map.

  1. Associations

Always try to find something closely related, similar or opposite to what you are studying. It is easy to remember something related to something you already know.

  1. Mnemonics

Mnemonic devices are wonderfully used by the students to learn difficult material.


Use rhyming words to help you remember, like, “I before E, except after C.”


A word made from the first letters of other words aids memory. like VIBGYOR, for the colors of the rainbow, Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. BODMAS for the order of operations in Mathematics (bracket, of,  division, multiplication,  addition, subtraction)

  1. Class participation

Participate in class discussions. This way, you will be able to kill three birds with an arrow. You will catch teacher’s and classmates’ attention positively and will gain confidence, the ultimate requirement of success.

  1. Use breaks in your journey

Take frequent breaks while studying, for some time to freshen yourself, in order to maintain your efficiency.

  1. Be involved

Make use of your hands and write things down as you study. Don’t shirk writing the things in your own way.

  1. Revision

Revising, on the same day will do more good in developing an understanding of the material as several hours a few days later. As much as 80 % of material learned in class is forgotten within 24 hours if there is no revision.

The biggest step is to Make all the efforts to Stay away from distractions . Always keep in mind that you are not less than the student who has ever scored maximum marks in the subject you are studying.

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